Meet the Team


Bev has successfully managed and run practices for most of her career and is the owner of the Wedge Optometrists in Morningside, Johannesburg. She is an experienced Optometrist with over 25 years clinical experience and a determined enthusiasm for visual system balancing and getting the best vision right for her clients. She believes that ‘without the right balance in spectacle or contact lens prescriptions, it is difficult to focus for hours and maintain high levels of cognitive functioning and concentration without strain or headaches’. She enjoys working with clients of all ages, including young children, a special focus for Bev.

Bev has specialized interests and focuses, for all ages, on screen time demands, concentration, headaches and eyestrain, as well as uncomfortable eyes due to dry eye conditions, allergies and post surgical discomfort.

She is passionate about sharing her profession with those who are unable to attain assistance with their visual needs. To this end she devotes time to assisting communities who can not afford spectacles. She worked closely with the outreach teams of the SAOA (South African Optometric Association), to attend as many charity days and community testing projects, as possible. Bev involves herself with volunteering in Optometry projects wherever she can and can be seen contributing her experience and services in many different projects. In October 2005 she single-handedly set up a project in a village for the Botshabelo Community Development Trust (, in the Magaliesburg. Bev made over a dozen trips to the village and made over 60 funded pairs of spectacles for residents of the community. She remains in contact with the founders and attends to their visual needs when required. In April 2010, Bev joined Faith Chabedi and Ntombi Zitha in forming the NPO: Bona Bolo Vision Project – Vision for Learning. This project was borne of the desire to have all South African scholars able to “See the Ball” for the World Cup Soccer hosted in 2010. Bona Bolo is dedicated to providing visual care and spectacles to the many scholars and students, in South Africa, who can not afford visual care. Over 8000 scholars and students have already been screened and had their visual needs and eyecare wellness attended to.


Team Wedge main players are Pat (Patricia) and Tsitsi. Two wonderful and friendly women who do their absolute best to ensure you’re welcomed with a hot drink, feel comfortable, and have all your practice service needs met. They’re both excellent with frame choice assurance and give honest and supportive direction to help you choose your best look!

‘We look forward to meeting you!’